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Hen-party on Chaika


November 17, 2016 the official opening of Lady’s Class club in which, the first secular evening for the girls.

Talk to our experts about the stellar outer and inner beauty, fashion, trends, healthy lifestyle and most importantly, how to keep their individuality in all of this! Ease communication continued cocktails and the traditional photo session.
Guests become members of public talk with Yuri Stolyarov, who told all about the current trends in make-up, style, dress code and individuality! Yuri gladly shared with the audience the secrets and experiences, and answered all the questions of modern girls.


White tulips, green, glass and hundreds of candles from Maria Kamenskaya helped create the unique atmosphere of celebration on the evening for Lady’s Class girls.


Evening smoothly came in bright party with gifts, surprises, interesting conversation and delicious compliments.

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