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Japanese cusine for gourmet


pqhj5pekc6Today, we have prepared a short course in Japanese cuisine for you to gourmet and we begin, perhaps, with the philosophy of Japanese cuisine.

Japanese all over the world is very popular. Largely explained by the recognition of the philosophical attitude of the Japanese to eat: food must be fresh and of good quality, the supply of food – a beautiful and portions – reasonable, in order to avoid satiety.

An important rule of Japanese cuisine – dishes match the season. So delicate crunchy bamboo shoots – a frequent guest at the spring table. Lotus root – welcome spring and autumn. Grilled eel is usually served in the summer.

The combination of raw fish and rice cooked in a certain way, we can say, the national Japanese food. There are two different styles of sushi. First appeared in the city of Osaka, where rice is mixed with other ingredients and placed in packaging edible form. The Edo style, appeared in Tokyo, offered pieces of fish on the small lumps flavored rice.

Most Japanese consider it a second style of cooking classic. A cylinder of rice to put all that you can catch from the sea: the marble pieces of tuna, salmon, prawns, crabs, octopus, eel, cuttlefish, sea urchin, swordfish.

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